Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Selling Your Home, be on your "A" Game

I hope this helps! Tips for Seller's that want to put their home on the market. Probably some of you already know this, but I see homes everyday and I don't understand the conditions that some of these homes are in. The bottom line is, I guess some people are serious about selling their home and some aren't and some just don't care either way. I know, it makes no sense. For the Seller's that are serious, you NEED to be on our "A" game in getting the property ready for Sale. First, there are 3 factors that play a huge roll in selling a home, 1 obviously is the price, 2nd is the location and 3rd is condition. In order to sell a home in a timely manner all three need to go hand in hand. We can control the price and condition. Tips on condition of a property, get a notepad and walk the inside and outside and write down anything that needs attention. Everything needs to be in tip top shape, you want to beat your competition and make your property look the best its ever looked. Check the outside to see if you home and driveway need to be pressure washed, hedges and trees trimmed, fresh mulch, add color to accent, exterior paint, free of clutter, cut the grass more often. Check the inside for clutter, neutral paint & carpet, cleanliness, beds made, clean off magnets from refrigerator. Make the buyer say WOW when they walk into your home. If you do this, you will have a higher chance of selling your home and it will be toward your advantage. It's an option but you can also have a pre-home inspection & WDO done to take care of any problems before you get a buyer! Happy Selling and Good Luck.

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